Manage Potential Customers like a pro

Getting company running and off the ground is not an easy task. Once you finally make it and it starts to grow, potential customers start coming in, how do you convert them into real customers?

I honestly think this is not an easy task to do. Especially if you don’t know with who you have biggest chance of success. That’s why it’s important to understand quickly who out of those potential customer might be the right one for you.


Identify and score fast

If you search internet today you will find many articles that talk about Potential Customer or Lead management. They are worth reading through to get the idea on what it’s all about.

My takeaway on the subject would be:

  • Learn more about potential customer as soon as you can
  • Create scoring system to help you determine who is who
  • Focus your time and energy on those that are of high potential

I think if you are guided by those 3 statement you will be able to achieve higher number of paid customers. We all have just so much time in our day so don’t waste your precious time on people that are of low value for your business.

It might sound harsh, i know, but that’s reality of today.

Don’t forget to follow up, yes spam!

Once you know who is who it’s time to start talking. Sending marketing material is not talking. How often you have seen a deal being closed by sending marketing material?

Start looking for patterns and how often you need to reachout to be able to get a definitive answer. No reply on email is not REJECTION! Until you hear the person say NO there is always a chance out there. So start talking!