How do you, as a marketing professional, benefit from CRM solution

Marketing industry development, in many ways, dictates how other industries are developing. Today, there are many solutions that differentiate high class marketing agencies or individuals in the industry from those who simply float in the middle.

There is a certain pattern that successful agencies and individuals follow. It is a fact, that they are choosing who their clients are going to be, while keeping high level of loyalty among current clients. The key of their business is using their internal potential to the maximum. They’re recognized for the service at first instance, later on – they become a brand.


We help you get recognized and appreciated for your services!

Use the right solutions for the job and make your brand stand out. We help you make the right choice.


Do your own calculation

  • Do you think the productivity of your team is not at the level where you want it to be?
  • Do you have hard time tracking each marketing professional weekly goals?
  • Do you have full visibility into your sales pipeline?
  • Do you know who is working on getting that deal closed?
  • How visible are you in the market where you want to be recognized?
  • How you target the right people you want to share your content with?
  • What if you can remove the micromanagement and have better visibility, reporting and more control?

If you are struggling with any of the above, try to make a calculation on how much money and resources exactly are you losing by not reaching your objective.

SugarCRM as your CRM platform for marketing professional is a perfect choice of marketing focused solution that can easily be integrated with existing solutions.

Know who are you targeting, convert right targets into leads. Lower your sales cycle and close opportunities quicker. Right solution will help you raise customer loyalty.

In an industry where brand is everything – SugarCRM helps you build it



How to expect a certain percentage of conversion into opportunities if you don’t know what quality are the leads your are importing? SugarCRM provides a perfect way to qualify leads, sort them per your own parameters and to make sure all significant data is up to date. Once it’s entered as a lead, SugarCRM helps you track it and track exactly what is being done with them.

Manage Events

Manage Events

Event management is a process to manage large scale events such as conferences, ceremonies, product launches, training and convention. It involves the creation of the brand, identifying the target audience, the creation of event concept and coordination with various departments before actually conducting the event. SugarCRM collaboration features are a perfect match to getting best event organized.

Project management at its best

Project management at its best

Get full transparency, visibility and gain full control over each project that’s being run. SugarCRM gives you the option to track activity and dependencies, without micromanaging your team. You are enabled to manage upcoming tasks, open cases, meetings, emails and calls in a single location. This is the best solution to ensure your customer facing teams work together to close more opportunities in a shorter period of time. Project Dashboards and Gantt Charts provide a visual representation of key project information and metrics.

Let’s grow your sales today with right solution for the job!

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