Losing a Sales deal or potential customer is fine. Not knowing why you lost it is a problem we can help you solve!

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Running a business is not always an easy task. We know how things can get complex and cumbersome in short period of time. That’s why we are partners of SugarCRM and we focus on delivering best possible CRM solution to you and your company.


It’s human nature to question itself when things go sideways. The challenging part is to ask yourself the right questions and provide honest answers. Only through analysis of our answers we can find solution for moving forward.

Can you recognise yourself asking these questions ?

  • Does my team follow up on Potential Customers
  • Why did that potential customer leave
  • Who is working on this Sales opportunity
  • Who attended that meeting
  • Where is that Sales deal contract
  • Is everyone meeting their targets

Running a company is not an easy task!


It’s hard to imagine that your company doesn’t rely on it’s employees hitting their sales goals. Do you know what Sales deals you lost last week and why?


Even after your team closes that Sales deal, can you for certain say that you are honoring what has been agreed upon? Do you know how many up-sell and cross-sell Sales deals you closed last week?

Every change is hard, and affects your whole team!

We know how hard it can be to implement something new, change how people used to work. But in order to innovate and stay competitive on the market, investment in solutions like Customer Relationship Management is a must!

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Choosing right solution for the job usually requires an expert input on the subject. We will tell you why we think SugarCRM is a good choice. It’s on you to decide!

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